Health Supplements

The current challenges have placed the role of multivitamins and health supplements important in day-to-day life. Unique and dedicated formulations of Omega 3 Fish oil and its combination is an important product. A 1000 mg Vitamin C effervescent tablets to boost immunity in the ongoing Covid management will be a much needed help.

The role of Lycopene plus is growing for its suggested uses include for cancer, preventing atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, cataracts, asthma, antioxidant, and as an anti-inflammatory.

Individual elements such as Zinc and Iron are important aspect and presented in unique packaging and formulations for customer acceptability.

Multivitamins with Panax ginseng, Coenzyme Q10 along with L Carnitine and Olive leaf for multi-health benefits is part of the range. This composition is currently not available in market.

A pediatric multivitamin with child specific vitamins coupled with herbals for overall growth of children will be an essential part of our range for children.

Royal Jelly encapsulated for convenience in administration is an important element of Health Supplement basket.

Coenzyme Q10 with Vit E is another offshoot of the basket.

Cholecalciferol high doses for children in palatable form is considered.

Iron Polymaltose combination with Vit B 12 and folic acid is common. But the unique presentation in single dose plastic ampoules for oral use differentiates it with competition. 


The bacillus subtilis is available in unique plastic ampoules for oral use. The formulation presentation in individual single dose ampoules for oral use will make this product very convenient to use and carry.

We have a patented product with composition of lactase enzyme for gastric insufficiency.

Gulf region requires ORS. Our ORS is unique with electrolytes, probiotics, prebiotics and zinc. The banana flavor adds taste to it.

Atropine sulfate drops in unique individual dosage ampoule packs is in the offing. 


For maintaining nasal hygiene especially of children, a unique nasal spray containing 100% natural isotonic solution laced with Eucalyptus herbal benefit is available in the product basket. 

Hypertonic solution in nebulised spray form for babies is part of our pediatric hygiene range. The advantage of these range is the unique delivery of formulation in spray form. The spray can be used in vertical or horizontal position. This feature is unique and adds convenience in administration. This unique application of spray is used to clear ear wax. The ear spray of this unique application will be a star attraction.

World accepted hedralix is presented in unique single dosage ampoules. This product is accepted for cough which is common in current scenario.

A German technology Lidocaine spray for oral local anesthesia usage is part of the product basket. 

LifeStyle Enhancers

Enhances Quality of Sleep
A combination of herbals is known to relieve anxiety and stress resulting in quality sleep. Such products have wider acceptance in todays world with stress around.

Delays ejaculations
A local anaesthetic agent with German spray technology is available to delay ejaculation. 

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