Business Functions

Supply Warehouse

Al Julfa Pharmacy has systems in warehouse that complies to the storage and transport regulations as directed by the local regulatory authorities, Industry standards and supplier requirements. All pharmaceuticals and medical products are stored and transported in temperature-controlled conditions. This is to ensure the quality of products is unaffected throughout the shelf life.

Al Julfa Pharmacy’s has robust systems with strict adherence to established guidance and SOPs. These SOPs cover all aspects of receiving goods, its storage, transportation, and delivery.

The pharmaceutical warehouse is managed by well trained and licensed Pharmacist. The system to maintain documentation and records accurately is part of it. Dedicated controlled storage areas are available for non-conforming, quarantined products or expired products for better segregation.

The system is designed to cater to over 90% customers in Sultanate of Oman. The existing relationship with customers has helped programmed the delivery of stocks in maximum 1-2 days and is flexible enough to deliver immediate depending on the urgency. 


Private and tender business are key to pharma business.

Al Julfa Pharmacy has a customer base that will cater to the requirements of Private and Government sector. Active and regular business in tender will also be solicited through dedicated participation.

All aspects of distribution services, such as order processing, frequency and accuracy of delivery, timings and reliability of supply are part of the working system at Al Julfa Pharmacy.

An experienced based customer base is into our system for in-market sales. The system to constantly upgrade the data base and validation of customers is essence for a persistent CRM. 


The key to fast business lies with an efficient Regulatory Affairs department. This is an integral part of Al-Julfa Pharmacy and strategically managed by the top management. Hence, the top management will interface with the Principals to address this important business initiating activity.

Well defined activities under this department is registration and renewal of manufacturing companies and their products with the local authorities. They are clearance activities, product variation submission, product recall activities, pharmacovigilance etc. under this department. The ultimate objective will be to service the Principal companies efficiently so that the latest regulatory requirements and guidelines are ensured during dossier submissions and product quality standards complied. A highly trained and experience personnel will be involved to liase with the regulatory authorities and the principals. 

Sales and Marketing

A network of highly skilled, experienced professionals is employed to serve both public and private sectors across the country.

Products are selected based on market research to have faster regulatory pathways or less competitive or have USPs and niche specs.

The team is trained well to generate market demand through CRM and deliver quality products and services to business stake holders

The coordination linkways from order procurement till delivery is well crafted to ensure timely delivery with quality. 

Customer centric


Beauty in every aspect


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